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In 2020, Bright Green has published over 250 articles.

We ran our most extensive coverage of the Green Party of England and Wales’ internal elections ever – including hustings for the candidates for the leadership, deputy leadership and the House of Lords.

We’ve profiled the workers that have been organising and fighting for justice – when much of the rest of the media have ignored them.

We’ve discussed and analysed the powerful social movements in the UK and across the globe that are fighting for labour rights, environmental justice and a world beyond neoliberalism.

And we’ve engaged with the most exciting new ideas on the left through our frequent book reviews.

In 2021, we want to do all this and more. We want to:

  • Reach even more people with our news and analysis on Green Parties, social movements and the labour movement.
  • Run more interviews with figures from across Green Parties, the labour movement and social movements.
  • Coordinating a series of online events discussing the future of left wing and environmental movements and how we build a better world.

To do that, we need your help. Here’s four things you can do now to help Bright Green in 2020.

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3. Help fund Bright Green’s future

In order to grow and to deliver on our ambitions, we need to raise £500 a month. We’re now over half way there, but we still need more people generously donating a small amount each month. We need just 45 more people to donate £5 a month to be able to hire a paid editor one day a week and triple our outputs. You can help make that happen by donating now.

4. Apply to join our team

We’re always on the look out for more editors, writers and technicians, to cover the most important news and provide analysis of what’s happening in the UK’s Green Parties, the labour movement, social movements and culture. Take a look at what we’re looking for and apply here.