Jonathan Bartley - Green Party co-leader

The UK’s Green Parties entered 2021 with polls showing support for the party was on the rise. A new poll released today suggests that trend is continuing.

The poll from Ipsos MORI suggests that if a general election was held tomorrow, 8 per cent of people would vote Green. This puts the Greens in third place, ahead of the Liberal Democrats. And according to polling aggregator Election Maps UK, this is the first time support for the Greens has reached 8 per cent since February 2020.

The poll comes as the UK’s Green Parties are set to fight a larger than usual set of elections in May. After 2020’s local elections were postponed, voters are now set to elect members of the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments, alongside an unprecedented number of councillors, the London Assembly and Mayors across the country. Greens are hoping for strong results after 2019 saw the Green Party of England and Wales double its tally of councillors overnight.

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said that the poll was evidence of people wanting to back a party that “puts people and planet first”. He told Bright Green. 

It’s great to see the polls reflecting the increasing support for the Greens.

More than ever people are looking ahead, thinking about what life could be like once we come out the other side of this pandemic and they want to support a party that has a vision for that future which puts people and planet first.

We’re focused on investing to create Green jobs, in building resilience in communities and making homes warm and comfortable – really practical steps that make life better and contribute to dealing with the climate emergency.

The full voting intention data from the Ipsos MORI poll, with changes since its last poll in December was:

  • Conservative: 42% (+1)
  • Labour: 38% (-3)
  • Green: 8% (+3)
  • Liberal Democrat: 7% (+1)
  • Scottish National Party: 5% (-)

YouGov also released a new poll today. That puts the Greens on 6 per cent (up two points since January). YouGov has the Greens on level pegging with the Lib Dems.

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Image credit: BBC Screengrab