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On Monday 8 February, an opinion poll from IPSOS Mori suggested that more people would vote Green if a general election were held tomorrow than would vote Liberal Democrat. Today, another poll has found the same.

YouGov’s latest poll puts support for the Greens at seven per cent. That lands the Greens in third place. It also puts them ahead of both the Liberal Democrats and Nigel Farage’s newly renamed party Reform UK.

These strong poll ratings bode well for the Greens’ electoral ambitions. They come as the country is set to vote in a bumper set of elections in May. After 2020’s local elections were postponed, voters are now set to elect members of the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments, alongside an unprecedented number of councillors, the London Assembly and Mayors across the country.

Greens are hoping for strong results after 2019 saw the Green Party of England and Wales double its tally of councillors overnight.

Green Party of England and Wales co-leader Sian Berry celebrated the news. She said it shows people were increasingly seeking a party with a vision for “a better world for everybody”. Berry told Bright Green:

Once again the polls are showing increasing support for the Greens and placing us as the third largest party in the country.

At a time when so many of us are worried and facing true hardship as a result of both coronavirus and the climate crisis, it is clear that people are looking for a fresh start and a party that offers real change and has the vision of a better world for everybody.

As we get closer to this year’s crucial local elections we expect to see a record number of Greens elected into positions where they will be able to make a real difference on the ground to make life better for all. We’re focused on investing to create Green jobs, building resilient local economies and putting in the hard work to make sure everybody’s home is warm and comfortable.

North of the border

YouGov’s poll wasn’t the only indication of growing support for the Greens today. A Scottish Parliament poll also indicated that the UK’s Green Parties could be set to win big in May.

Savanta Comres’ latest poll suggests that 10 per cent of voters will give their ‘list vote’ to the Scottish Green Party in the Holyrood election. In Scotland, parliamentary elections are fought on a semi-proportional system. Voters have two ballots – one for constituencies elected through first past the post, and a second for a proportionally elected regional list.

According to polling aggregator Stats for Lefties, this poll would put the Greens on track to win a record breaking 11 seats in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Greens have never won more than seven seats in the Scottish Parliament’s history.

Scottish Green Party co-leader Lorna Slater told Bright Green:

This poll is the latest in a long line to suggest that the Scottish Greens are headed for a record result in May.

It’s clear that the public appreciate the constructive approach to opposition adopted by the Greens which has seen us punch well above our weight in this session of parliament, delivering for the people of Scotland.

An astonishing 21 consecutive opinion polls have now demonstrated majorities in favour of independence. Scottish Greens will go into May’s election with a clear commitment to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

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Image credit: Rosie Rawle