Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond

I’m a veteran party member and have seen many Green Party leaders come and go so I understand what works. I joined the party in 1988 and have been active ever since, holding many roles locally, regionally and nationally, including as a local Councillor. I have also been a core campaign team member in every local, national, and European election since joining. I was a member of Caroline Lucas’ campaign team that elected her as one of our first MEPs in 1999 and very narrowly missed winning an MEP seat myself in 2019. I also have extensive media experience including on national and regional television, and have, in addition, held press officer roles locally and nationally, so I understand how the right leaders can affect how our party comes across to the outside world.

In other words, I know a team that can make change happen when I see it, and that’s why I’m so excited by Tamsin and Amelia’s leadership bid, because I know that between them they have the leadership ability to deliver a whole new era in the party’s history.

Amelia has been deputy leader for seven years, and has proved herself time and time again, travelling tirelessly across England and Wales to visit local parties, putting our messages forward in the media, working behind the scenes and on doorsteps to get more Greens elected, and leading on national campaigns such as Another Europe is Possible and the People’s Assembly.

Since Amelia was first elected deputy in 2014 the party has grown from around 16,000 members to approaching 60,000. When Amelia was first elected we had gained 18 new councillors in the local elections – this year we not only gained 99 more councillors but have also been winning more by-elections. Amelia has been part of a leadership team that helped deliver the Green Surge and our biggest general, European, London Assembly and local election results in recent history. But Amelia has also shown how her leadership supports members and local parties. She has the credibility and proven track record to lead us to stronger local parties, and more electoral successes.

Tamsin is an experienced campaigner, both in elections and as a formidable climate leader, and has spent their career galvanising people to take action on the climate crisis. Their ability to inspire people to get out and campaign on the issues that matter to them is exactly what we need – because getting people out on doorsteps, delivering leaflets and winning Green votes is how we get more Greens elected.

Like Ameila, Tamsin has spent time on GPEx, so has a good grip on internal party structures. Tamsin also has direct experience of elections both as a candidate and campaign team member. Both Tamsin and Amelia also have the national media experience the party needs to get our message out to a wider audience.

For me, one of the most reassuring things about the Womack-Omond ticket is that they clearly understand the demands of local parties and realise that what we all need, if we are to get more Greens elected, is active and enthusiastic members. Tamsin’s additional fundraising experience is crucial to strengthening local parties and boosting our activist base. Amelia and Tamsin are both passionate about democracy, and understand the urgent need to take action on climate change, but they also recognise the importance of social justice, which is why I welcome their understanding of the need to champion those who experience injustice and discrimination, and the importance of building bridges and strengthening communities both insides and outside the party. They understand how to take the party to the next level.

Having spent 15 years as a Green Councillor, and chaired the Association of Green Councillors, I know that what will serve us well as a leadership team isn’t more elected Greens, but full-time leaders with the capacity to give Green Councillors and campaigners the support they need. Any Green Councillor will know how important it is to have a strong local party to support their work. With Tamsin and Amelia dedicating all their time to campaigning for the party, promoting Green Councillors’ achievements, and supporting local parties, as well as representing the party to the outside world, those of us on the ground will have the energy behind us to make big things happen.

This is clearly a pivotal moment for the Green Party, and we need leaders with the political nous, the energy and the commitment to make the most of it and really maximise our potential over the coming months and years. I firmly believe Amelia and Tamsin are the team to do that, and I can’t wait to see what they achieve.

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