Adrian Ramsay speaking at Green Party Conference

The Green Party of England and Wales has called for an immediate general election as the government lurches into another crisis. Westminster has been awash with turmoil today as Liz Truss sacked her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. Truss gave Kwarteng the boot as the ongoing fallout of the disastrous so-called ‘mini-budget’ continues to unravel.

Kwarteng lasted just 38 days in the role and has now been replaced by 2019 Tory leadership runner up Jeremy Hunt. After his appointment, Truss announced she was reversing the decision in the mini budget to scrap planned corporation tax increases.

The Green Party’s co-leader Adrian Ramsay accused Truss of a “desperate attempt to avoid taking responsibility” for her political decisions. Calling for a general election, Ramsay said, “Everybody knows the Chancellor was not the only one to blame for the disastrous mini-budget which has caused so much panic in the markets and turmoil to households up and down the country. Liz Truss built her entire leadership bid on the economic fantasy of lowering taxes to make the rich richer. Sacking the Chancellor is a desperate attempt to avoid taking responsibility.”

“The economic crisis we face will not be solved by a revised mini-budget and a resigned Chancellor. To get the economic stability we need and start to tackle the cost-of-living and climate crises, we need a change of direction and the public must have its say.

“Liz Truss’ short time as Prime Minister surely has to come to an end soon and we cannot have the Tories once again deciding for themselves who should be Prime Minister from a dwindling pool of talent. The country needs a General Election.”

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Image credit: YouTube screengrab