Owen Jones speaking at the Pink News Awards

The moral panic about trans people has continued to escalate, with the media, celebrities and politicians all piling in with increasing vitriol in the latest front in the UK’s manufactured culture wars. But there are, thankfully, a number of prominent public figures and campaigners who are continuing to show their support for trans rights and their solidarity with trans people.

In the last week, two powerful speeches in defence of trans rights have gone viral on social media.

The first was from the journalist Owen Jones. Speaking at the annual Pink News Awards, Jones explained the parallels between the attacks on trans people in the 2020s to how lesbian, gay and bisexual people were attacked in the 1980s:

The second was from the UCU’s general secretary Jo Grady. She was speaking in a debate at TUC Congress on a motion that would see the trade union confederation launch an ‘alliance for trans and non-binary rights’. The motion passed. Here’s her contribution:

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Image credit: Twitter screengrab