Green Party co-leaders Adrian Ramsay and Carla Denyer on a staircase

Green Party of England and Wales co-leader Adrian Ramsay has welcomed the outcomes of the world’s biggest trial of a four day working week. The trial’s results were revealed today, after 61 firms had operated a four day week with no reduction in pay for six months.

Of the companies involved, 56 of them have decided to extend the four day week beyond the initial trial, and 18 of them have agreed to make the new schedule permanent. The majority of businesses involved in the trial were satisfied that business performance and productivity was maintained.

Staff reported a reduction in lower levels of stress and burnout, and there was a 65% reduction in sick days across the trial. The trial also found a decline in the likelihood that employees would quit their roles.

Speaking on the outcomes, Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said: “A four-day week works. This trial has shown it reduces stress, lowers levels of burnout, and prevents employees quitting. And while employees have had an extra day a week to do what they want or need to do, all without any loss to their pay, the companies involved report no decline in company revenue. What’s not to like about a four-day week?”

He added: “Greens have long championed the idea of a four-day week. This sixth-month trial proves that if it was to become the norm across the country we would have happier, more productive employees. There are clearly benefits for employers too, with less staff absence and higher retention rates; nearly all those involved in the trial have opted to retain the four-day week.”

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Image credit: Bristol Green Party – Public domain