King Charles

Republican campaigners are planning to protest the visit of King Charles and Camilla – the Queen Consort – to Liverpool’s Central Library. The visit is taking place on Wednesday 26 April.

Anti-monarchy group Republic has said protesters will gather at 12pm in advance of the royals’ arrival at 2pm. The protest in Liverpool is part a wave of other demonstrations against the monarchy. Protests – branded ‘not my king – have been held in Milton Keynes, Colchester, London and York.

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, said: “We intend to keep the protests going, not just now but well beyond the coronation.

“We encourage anyone who objects to the monarchy to come out and join the protests. We will keep sending a clear message, we want a choice, not Charles.

“On Wednesday Charles will be visiting the Liverpool Central Library. We’ll be there to make our voices heard loud and clear.

“It’s time our country was represented by someone who had to work for that privilege, someone who doesn’t rip off the taxpayer and someone who doesn’t demand deference. It’s time we had an elected head of state.”

The Liverpool protest comes ahead of the coronation of King Charles on Saturday May 6. Republic says that around 1,000 people are expected to stage a protest at the coronation.

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