Green Councillors outside Astwood Crematorium

Worcester’s Green councillors have voiced their support for the installation of electric cremators at Astwood Crematorium. The installations would be part of a £6m refurbishment of the site.

The councillors say that installing electric cremators at Astwood Crematorium would help Worcester become carbon neutral by 2030 as electric cremators produce up to 80 per cent less carbon than gas cremators when combined with green energy tariffs and selective catalytic reduction.

According to Worcester’s Green councillors, in 2021-2022, Astwood Crematorium accounted for 18 per cent of Worcester Council’s total emissions. By installing more efficient electric cremators, the crematorium would greatly improve Worcester’s air quality, the councillors say.

The crematorium is expected to continue providing its service throughout the installation process, allowing residents to rely on it throughout the refurbishment.

Councillor Hannah Cooper said: “Electric cremators are a rational way to lower the operating costs and boost energy security of Worcester City Council. It also represents another step in improving Worcester’s air quality.”

Councillor Andrew Cross added: “The refurbishment with electric cremators will provide a cost-effective and dignified cremation service for deceased Worcester residents and their families. The reduced air pollution will benefit local residents and their children as well.”

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