Mark Ruskell speaking at Scottish Green Party conference

The Scottish Greens have called for a Scotland free of nuclear power, claiming it would be ‘safer for people and planet’. The party’s climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell has made the comments after the UK government committed to trebling nuclear capacity by 2050. The government’s statement came as world leaders are meeting in the United Arab Emirates for crucial climate talks at COP28.

Ruskell’s comments also come following reports that the Sellafield nuclear site has been targeted by groups linked to China and Russia.

Mr Ruskell said: “The allegations of hacking at Sellafield should alarm all of us. Nuclear energy is costly, dangerous and unsafe for people and planet. It will leave a legacy of toxic waste and higher bills for generations to come. It has no place in Scotland.

“The Tory’s epic failure to deliver Hinkley Point to time and budget shows just how unreliable and costly new nuclear is. That time and money could have been far better spent on expanding our homegrown renewable energy, which is the real solution to ending our reliance on climate-wrecking fossil fuels.

“With Scottish Greens in government here in Scotland are getting on with the job, and building our new wind and solar capabilities at pace. That is how we will ensure a safer and greener future.”

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