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Retail trade union Usdaw is again calling for discussions with online fashion retailer Boohoo about representation of their employees to ensure they are fairly treated. Usdaw represents workers at Boohoo’s warehouse and call centre in Burnley along with the head office in Manchester, but the company continues to refuse to recognise the union, leaving staff without a real voice at work.

The BBC has reported that Boohoo put “Made in the UK” labels on potentially thousands of clothes that were actually made in South Asia. It is reported that Boohoo said the incorrect labels were down to a misinterpretation of the labelling rules. This revelation comes after the BBC reported that the firm is considering closing its Leicester site, opened two years ago and was promoted by the retailer as a UK manufacturing centre of excellence.

Usdaw continues to urge Boohoo to not only clean up their supply chain, but also engage with the union to help repair their reputation and ensure their own staff are treated with fairness and respect.

Mike Aylward – Usdaw Regional Secretary said: “For some years we have been seeking a dialogue with Boohoo to enable us to represent our members’ concerns. We have been met with a wall of silence and staff have been told in no uncertain terms not to engage with the union.

“Concerns about working conditions are not isolated to the supply chain and Boohoo’s directly employed staff feel like they have no way of raising issues with managers or finding resolutions to problems. That is why they need an independent trade union, to give them a voice at work.

“We have yet again asked Boohoo to take the simple step of sitting down with Usdaw to explore how we can work together. Staff, the local community, councillors, MPs and campaign organisations all want this to happen, to help make Boohoo an ethical trader.

“The company could go a long way towards repairing their damaged reputation by meeting with Usdaw and engaging in a positive relationship. Regrettably we have still received no response; for the sake of their employees we hope that will change.”

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Image credit: DraconianRain – Creative Commons