A photo of the front table at Wales Green Party conference

The Green Party in North East Wales selected candidates for the next general election in three constituencies. Clwyd East, Clwyd North and Alyn & Deeside now all have confirmed Green candidates in the running.

Lee Lavery has been selected for the Clwyd East constituency. Lavert was brought up in Mostyn, and has returned to the area after some time in other locations including Durham and London.

Speaking following his selection, Lavery said: “British politics needs to change. With the Tories now moving further to the right and Labour
decidedly mired in the centre, the people of Clwyd East need a truly progressive candidate who will stand up for their rights: the right to earn a decent living wage, the right to feed their families and keep them warm without breaking the bank.  I believe I am that candidate for Clwyd East.

“I strongly believe in the goals of the Green Party: reducing our impact on the environment, whilst creating a fairer society for everyone.”

In Clwyd North, meanwhile, Martyn James Hogg has been selected to fight the next election. Hogg is a Green Party Councillor in Denbighshire. Hogg worked as an engineer in manufacturing industries for many years.

Speaking on his selection, Hogg said: “Like too many people, politics never seemed relevant to me until Brexit, when I was disheartened
by the poor quality of information coming from politicians. I joined the Green Party because they are the only major party to have signed up to Reform Political Advertising’s pledge for factual accuracy in their electoral advertising. Let that sink in… The Green Party is the only major political party that will pledge to tell you the truth!”

“Being elected as County Councillor for St Asaph East has been life changing in a very positive way: I’ve quickly learnt how local governance works and, through a collaborative approach, the Green voice has been heard and had a positive impact on policies that will affect everyone living in Denbighshire. I want to carry that Green voice into Westminster because it’s only by electing more Green MPs that we will hold power to account and ensure we meet our climate targets and lead the rest of the world to achieve theirs”

In Alyn and Deeside, Karl McNaughton has been selected for the Greens. McNaughton was previously a councillor in Solihull for 12 years before moving to Wales.

Speaking following his selection, McNaughton said: “My wife is from Pentre Halkyn and always used to tell me how amazing North
Wales is. She was right! I absolutely love it here and I’ve been really struck by the strong sense of community in our area.

“I’ve been knocking doors to speak to residents in recent months and so many people have told me how disappointed they are with their local politicians. Most people tell me they’ve had enough. I believe politics is something that can only be done with people, not to them.

“The current Government is astounding in its hopelessness. We really need to see people in Parliament who are much more in touch with reality. Kier Starmer’s Labour isn’t really providing the alternative that most people want to see and it’s sad to see Labour drifting to
the right, just like they did in the 90s”.

“What people really need is someone willing to listen and understand the concerns of local people and then act on what they say matters. It’s not much to ask that jobs provide a wage you can live off; that everyone can find a home they can afford; or that our rivers, green
spaces and countryside are kept clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.”

Bright Green is keeping a running tally of the all the Green Party candidates that have been selected here.

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