Murdering aid workers and peace activists is nothing new for Israel. That the press have been forced to report this is a product of the nationality of those murdered, and that fact that it all happened on the same day. Normally, like a serial killer, they have the good sense to murder people one at time.

But, of course, Israel can’t be fully blamed for today’s incident. It’s actions are always a reaction to the responses of the international community. It is because we let them get away with murder that they feel it’s OK to massacre. Imagine, for example, if Iran had gunned down members of a peaceful aid convoy to Afghanistan. How would we react?

That isn’t a fair comparison, of course. Unlike Israel, Iran hasn’t occupied Afghanistan and dropped white phosphorous on it’s children. Unlike Israel, Iranian violence hasn’t been normalised.

And how will we react now?

It’s clear that we can expect the Tories to take their usual pro-Israeli stance. So, the question is, to what extent will the Lib Dems be able to moderate them?

We shall see.