Total Politics have released the Green results of their annual poll (see below).

So, thanks to everyone has written for us, commented, read pieces, and, of course, voted for us since we launched six months ago or so. Also congratulations to the lovely Jim Jepps from The Daily (Maybe) – deservedly the king of Green blogging, to our fellow Scot, James at Two Doctors, to everyone else on the list, and involved in Green and progressive blogging in general.

As Jim says, blogging, like politics, is about a team effort, not competition. We would like to be cool, and pretend that we don’t care about this kind of thing at all. But the truth is that we’re pretty pleased.

1 (1) The Daily (Maybe)
2 Bright Green Scotland
3 (2) Two Doctors
4 (5) Barkingside 21
5 (4) Another Green World
6 Gaian Economics
7 (21) George Monbiot
8 (8) Rupert’s Read
9 (11) Mabinogogiblog
10 (9) Ruscombe Green
11 (19) Weggis
12 Jane’s Political Ramblings
13 Suitably Despairing
14 Flesh is Grass
15 (10) Green Reading
16 Greens Engage
17 (15) Caroline Lucas MEP
18 Stuart Jeffery
19 (3) Peter Cranie
20 (14) Bloggy Blanc
21 Scottish Greens
22 Greening Kirklees
23 Greener Leith
24 Chadwell and Seven Kings Greens
25 A Week Is a Long Time