We will announce the winner of the dick of the year (#dick2010) awards later today. But we thought we’d remind you of some previous winners, and tell you about the winner of our lifetime achievement award.

Past winners:

– 1999: Joschka Fischer

– 2000: Katherine Harris

– 2001: Richard Littlejohn

– 2002: Mandy Telford

– 2003: Tony Blair

– 2004: John Kerry

– 2005: Bob Geldof

– 2006: Stephen Harper (heros of the year were also awarded this year, to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and Evo Morales)

– 2007: Tony Blair

– 2008: Fred Goodwin

– 2009: Barack Obama

Lifetime achievement award:

– To say Frank Furedi is to say the man who was totally RCP, Spiked Online! and a chungwit. He’s done it all.  He calls himself “Frank Richards” to disguise his true identity (or just because he’s odd). He’s claimed that anthropogenic climate change is unimportant. His arguments are little more than a bubble of oxygen and the result is that he’s a trenchant buffoon.

He didn’t do anything more dickish this year than he has consistently over the years. However, he does appear on the Today program about twice a week: he is the person they ring when they want a dick to come and defend a ludicrous position. As the leading light of the loony right wing (former?) Marxist group the Revolutionary Communist Party he was involved in an organisation that held a wide range of bizarre positions.

Let’s look at some of the highlights:

– AIDS was nothing more than a moral panic designed to increase hatred of gay people;

– Sanctions against Apartheid South Africa were wrong;

– Their Magazine LM (previously Living Marxism) notoriously carried an article about how ITN has given a false impression that Bosnian Muslims were being held in a Serbian concentration camp at Trnopolje. In a libel action LM had damages of around £1m awarded against it, and were bankrupted.

Their bizarre and contrarian positions have earned them a place in the heart of all journalists of low intellect. Quite simply they trade on controversy. If you want someone to debate against a progressive position Furedi, Claire Fox or Mick Hume will be on hand with a range of opinions designed to promote the interests of reactionary capitalism. And for his own actions and those of his cadres, Furedi deserves this year’s lifetime achievement award from Dick of the Year.