Students occupying George Square Lecture Theatre at Edinburgh University have released a statement of their demands.

We demand immediately from Edinburgh University:

  • Freedom of access
  • No legal or academic repercussions for anyone involved

We demand of the Scottish government and Scottish Universities:

  • Withdrawal of the proposed 36k fees at Edinburgh University
  • Withdrawal of all fee rises at other Scottish Universities, and no future proposals without meaningful student consultation.
  • That they uphold the basic principle, inherent in the Scottish education system, of free education for all.  Scotland should actively oppose Westminster policies challenging that principle.
  • An explicit rejection of any future proposals that seek to change the status of Scottish Universities from public educational institutions to privately funded enterprises.
  • No privatisation of education and no privately funded courses.
  • No cuts to courses or compulsory redundancies in Scottish universities.
  • Full and open consultation between management, staff and students concerning fees.
  • A living wage for all workers at Scottish universities including those subcontracted.
  • University senior management must take the average salary of university staff, or resign.

We’ll update the blog with any response the students receive as it appears.