Students from universities across Scotland are staging an occupation of an Edinburgh University lecture theatre in protest against significant increases in fees for ‘Rest of UK’ students.

Scottish university students, from Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews occupied the George Square Lecture Theatre at 1pm today (Friday 16th Sep) and will remain in occupation until they have entered into constructive dialogue with decision-making bodies.

Mike Shaw, an Edinburgh University student, said, “We will remain in occupation until our demands of Edinburgh University and Holyrood are met”

Amy Westwell, a Glasgow University student added, “In Scotland, we take great pride in our universities, for their excellence and accessibility. The extent to which fees have been raised is disproportionate to the financial needs of universities: this move undermines the values of the Scottish education system.”

Edinburgh University announced on the 5th of September that fees would increase from £1820 to £9000 for RUK students [students from the UK, outside of Scotland]. St Andrews University have also set fees at the maximum threshold, and other Scottish Universities are expected to drastically increase tuition fees. There have been numerous student protests over the past year, including the occupation of Glasgow University’s Hetherington Research Club: the longest running student occupation in UK history.

Edinburgh students against fees