A photo of the front table at Wales Green Party conference

The Wales Green Party has branded privatisation a “disaster for environmental standards and wellbeing”.

Members of the Wales Green Party agreed an amendment to their policy on the ‘wellbeing economy’ which strongly rejects private involvement in the running of public services at their autumn conference in Cardiff.

The Wales Green Party’s policy now reads: “The privatisation agenda of successive Conservative governments has seriously weakened public services in Wales. The application of for-profit models to essential services and utilities has been a disaster for environmental standards and wellbeing. Privatisation also drastically reduces the resilience and response-capacity of essential public services.”

Greens across the UK have led calls for bringing public services back into public ownership.

Green Party of England and Wales co-leader Adrian Ramsay has repeatedly made the case for public ownership of water to be brought into public ownership to end the scandal of sewage pollution and massive shareholder dividends.

The Scottish Greens have advocated for both track and train to be integrated into a single publicly owned company.

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