Anthony Slaughter speaking at Wales Green Party

Members of the Wales Green Party are meeting in Cardiff this weekend for their autumn conference. The party’s leader, Anthony Slaughter, kicked off the event with a keynote speech.

Slaughter used his speech to set out the party’s big electoral ambitions in the coming years.

Starting by discussing the coming general election for Westminster – due to take place by January 2025 at the latest – Slaughter said the Wales Green Party would “fight our biggest and boldest general election [campaign] yet”.

He went on to say: “We are going to stand a full slate of candidates across Wales, giving everyone in Wales the opportunity to vote Green”, arguing the Greens would achieve their “highest ever vote share in Wales” in that general election, in light of support for the Greens growing at “fantastic rates”.

This, Slaughter said, would be the “start of our campaign for the Senedd here in Wales in 2026”. In the next Senedd election, Slaughter said the Greens would “make history” by achieving an “historic breakthrough” in getting the first Greens elected to the Senedd. “We can do this, and we are going to do this”, Slaughter told the conference to rapturous applause.

Wales is set to have elections to local councils in 2027 too, and Slaughter is no less ambitious for those. The last time Welsh voters went to the polls in local elections, the Green Party made major inroads for the first time, winning 8 seats across the country.

He told the conference: “We are going to get Greens on every council in Wales – the people of Wales deserve no less.”

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