Anthony Slaughter speaking at Wales Green Party

The Wales Green Party has issued a call for action on climate adaptation. This follows a motion passed by Wales Green Party members at their autumn conference taking place in Cardiff.

Members backed the motion which acknowledged the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events as a result of the climate crisis. According to the motion, “government preparation for coping with extreme weather events has so far been minimal”, something which the Greens say needs to be addressed.

Climate adaptation seeks to acknowledge the damage already done to the earth’s climate and provide policies and initiatives which mitigate against its impacts.

The motion adopted by the Wales Green Party has seen the Greens call for “an urgent review of the risks in each area of Wales”, additional information to be provided to Welsh communities about measures that should be taken to prepare for extreme weather, the production of a report to the Welsh Government on the “readiness, training and cooperation of response agencies”, and a policy agenda which commits to recovery of communities affected by extreme weather.

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