Three people sitting at the front desk at Wales Green Party conference

Wales Green Party members have voted to support the introduction of universal free school provision in both term time and in school holidays. The vote took place at the party’s autumn conference this weekend in Cardiff.

The proposal was adopted as part of a wider addition to the Greens’ policies on agriculture and food. Among the other initiatives the Greens agreed to support was funding for food projects that “aim to meet the needs of households in food poverty”.

As part of the policy, the Greens have said they want to see free school meals provided through local producers where possible.

The new policy on free school meals and food poverty begins: “Wales Green Party recognises the steep increases in food prices and food poverty in Wales, and the dependency of many households on food banks and other local charitable food projects for essential basic foodstuffs. Also, that the Welsh Government is supporting the rollout by councils of term-time (but not holiday) universal free school meals, starting with primary school children.”

The full text of the commitment from Wales Green Party on free school meals is as follows: “Wales Green Party will campaign for a universal free school meals service for all pupils, including holiday meals, in all council areas, with commitments to high nutritional standards, and procurement arrangements with local growers where possible.”

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