Students from across Scotland have occupied Strathclyde University against cuts and fees. The occupiers released the following statement on their facebook page:

The plans that began at the end of last term to run down community education and geography, dismantle sociology and close down music have no democratic mandate and are opposed to the wishes of Strathclyde students and staff.

There are 170 fewer students in humanities and social sciences than last year because of these cutbacks. Hundreds of staff have lost their jobs. We stand in solidarity with the UCU in resisting job, pay and pension cuts.

At the same time the University has decided to introduce fees of 27,000 for rest of UK students. This is part of an outright attack across Britain on the right to free and funded education for all. This occupation consists of students across Scotland and is part of a Scotland-wide movement of occupations against cuts & fees.

The Herald also reported that Strathclyde is considering 3 year degrees. Another attack on the quality of our education.

We are occupying to say enough is enough. We want to make a stand as the aspirations of young people in Britain are being trampled on with little prospects for jobs and education whilst those at the top of society continue to enrich themselves. The principal Jim Mcdonald is a perfect example of this as he makes massive cutbacks whilst earning well over 200,000 a year, he has also used University money to spend thousands of pounds on plush additions to the ‘Principal’s suite’.

This occupation calls on students to join the STUC demonstration this Saturday on the 1st of October, and to join the studentyouth feeder march to the demonstration assembling 10.30am at George Square.

Earlier this afternoon independent student newspaper The Journal reported that a number of police had been called onto campus after additional demonstrators attempted to gain access to the occupation via a side entrance.

As of this minute the students occupying Strathclyde university currently do not have free access and a demonstration in solidarity with the protesters has been called for 4pm outside the Collins building.

If you are in Glasgow please try to make it to that demonstration. For those who cannot, messages of solidarity can be sent to facebook page.