The case against Edd Bauer, Simon Furse, and Daniel Lindley – the student activists accused of traffic offenses after a banner drop – collapsed in court today. Bauer had spent more than a week on remand in Birmingham prison after being arrested for hanging a banner off a bridge during the Liberal Democrat conference in the city.

Edd Bauer dressed for court today

As a result of his time in the cells, Edd, who is Vice President Education at the Birmingham University Guild of Students, was dragged through a lengthy disciplinary process as the union attempted to remove him from his job. But in court today, the prosecution had to accept that they had no case after video evidence failed to confirm allegations that a little rubble had fallen from the bridge on which the banner was hung onto the empty road below.

Edd, who is a regular contributor to Bright Green, has seen his case gain prominence as students from across the country attended solidarity demonstrations during his time in prison. And here’s the question Birmingham’s police and Magistrates must ask themselves: Why did they hold a non-violent protester on remand for ten days in one of Britain’s most over-crowded prisons for a case that was laughed out of court?