Natalie Benn
Crowdfunding has so far been a huge success for the Greens, as leader Natalie Bennett surpasses her £3k target.

In just four days, Green Party of England & Wales leader Natalie Bennett has reached her £3,000 crowdfunding target for her General Election campaign in Holburn and St Pancras.

Bennett reached the milestone on Tuesday after averaging over £700 per day in pledges.

The next target is £6,000, which London’s Camden Green Party will use to target parents, students and more households.

The campaign still has over three weeks left, so it looks highly possible that it will reach it’s new doubled aim.

It follows a recent deal by the Green Party with the Newquay-based company The deal means local Green Parties now can easily make crowdfunding campaigns using the site – something Bright Green covered earlier this month.

There have so far been nine projects, including several which have been successfully over-funded already – including Plymouth Green Party which nearly tripled it’s £1000 target for it’s General Election strategy, the Forest of Dean which raised over £800 for promotion, and Trafford Greens which secured their deposits and more.

You can see all the projects here. So far over £11,000 has been raised in total – no mean feat.

Launching the crowdfunder on the 21st November, Benett’s campaign said:

We have a huge opportunity for a great result in Holborn and St Pancras.

The current MP, Labour’s Frank Dobson, has a lot of personal popularity, but now he’s leaving after more than 30 years.

The Liberal Democrats got 29% in 2010, after spending a huge amount of money in the final stages of the campaign. Most of those voters are now up for grabs.

We came second to Labour in the council vote this year across the constituency and Green councillor Sian Berry  is doing a great job in Highgate ward – we’re the only other party represented on the council in this constituency.

Holborn and St Pancras has been identified as a focus by the national Green Party.

You can help elect Natalie Bennett as London’s first Green MP – to join Caroline Lucas in the Commons and build on the great work she’s done.

You can support Natalie’s crowdfunding campaign here.