Caroline Lucas
Creative Commons: GPEW

Caroline Lucas signed a motion of no-confidence in Theresa May’s leadership, after a day of intense of anti-Brexit campaigning from the Green Party of England and Wales.

The motion was put forward after an overwhelming defeat for May’s Brexit deal, with 432 MPs voting against the proposed plans.

Elected Greens received the news with excitement, most seizing upon the boost this gives the second referendum campaign.

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, tweeted that the majority rejecting the deal was “just as flipping massive as expected! #PeoplesVote the only way out of the mess now”.

Similarly, co-leader Jonathan Bartley told his followers that it was time for the public to be heard and that “a #PeoplesVote is the only way forward”.

Both Lucas and deputy leader Amelia Womack spoke at the People’s Vote Rally which gathered on College Green, outside parliament, before the vote took place.

Speaking to the crowds gathered, Lucas said: “We will not be blackmailed into accepting [May’s] dangerous blindfold Brexit deal.”

Womack was greeted with cheers as she said she was there to tell Westminster to vote down the government’s proposal.

She said: “The prime minister’s deal will make us poorer in every sense, with those for whom life is already hardest being hit worst.”

“It’s so important that whatever happens tonight, tomorrow all sides of the debate come together and collectively find a way forwards,” she added.

The no-confidence motion signed by Lucas was tabled by Jeremy Corbyn and will be debated and voted upon shortly.

It is also signed by MPs from Labour, the Scottish National Party, the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru.

Yet Green leaders appear to agree with expectations that May will hold onto power and win the vote, focusing hopes on another referendum.

Sian Berry, co-leader for the party in England and Wales, tweeted that if Labour “can’t trigger a General Election then it’s time to throw their whole weight behind a People’s Vote!”.

The European Greens also told the UK to explore other options, including a People’s Vote.

Ska Keller, President of the Greens/European Free Alliance in the EU Parliament, said: “If the British people were to decide that they want to stay, the EU needs to be very clear that our arms and hearts are very open.”