Image reads: Join the Global Climate Strike

In the last years of the 2010’s the UK climate strikes emerged as a significant environmental movement, led by the UK Student Climate Network.  In September 2019 the group garnered over 300,000 attendees across the UK, with over 200 strike locations. During the election, UKSCN not only organised November actions, but pushed succesfully for the UK’s first ever climate debate. Though the climate strikes are led by youth, it has garnered support from several adult organisations. Perhaps most importantly, from trade unions, such as the TUC and others. For example, with UCU staff strikes ongoing at universities across the UK in November, solidarity actions between the two groups were organised.

The UKSCN have announced the next two key strike days for activists in the UK. Strikes have been called for the 14th of February and the 13th of March.


Striking for the planet

The continued strength of such movements mirrors an increasing number of severe climate events occuring across the world. For example, the announcement coincides with climate induced wildfires in Australia, with over five million hectares of land burning. In the UK flooding was a key issue during the election, with hundreds of properties severely damaged by floodwaters and families displaced around the river Don.

The UKSCN have developed several resources and guides for young people wishing to organise their own strike or attend a strike with the existing network of young people. The group has also produced a guide for adults allies who wish to support the strikes without taking up the space of young activists.