GPEX candidates

There are two weeks left until nominations close for this year’s Green Party of England and Wales Executive (GPEx) elections. And candidates are stepping forward thick and fast.

Earlier this week, Newham Green Party activist Danny Keeling announced he is standing for the position of publications coordinator. Keeling was the Green candidate in the West Ham constituency in December’s general election, finishing fourth. He also previously served as co-chair of the Young Greens Senate.

Speaking to Bright Green on his candidacy, Keeling said:

I’m really interested in standing for publications coordinator especially as I have previous experience in publishing. I am currently chair of Newham Green Party and wish to start working again on a national level to boost green votes throughout the country.

To date, Keeling is the only candidate to come forward for publications coordinator.

International coordinator race heats up

Keeling wasn’t alone in throwing his hat in the GPEx elections ring this week. London Green Party members Alex Horn and Erwin Schaefer have also put their names forward as a job-share candidate for international coordinator. Both Horn and Schaefer have been committee members of the West Central London Green Party, with Horn also being the treasurer of Greens of Colour, and Schaefer previously serving as the London representative on the Green MEP advisory board.

The pair have emphasised their desire to improve “cross-border communication” in their campaign, telling Bright Green:

We represent a fresh and truly international alternative for the international coordinator post. We speak four languages (English, French, German and Spanish) between us and have lived in several countries.

Together, we would build and strengthen the international bridges the Green Party desperately needs, by improving cross-border communication using the latest technology and learning from our sister Green Parties abroad.

Horn added:

As a BAME candidate, I bring diversity to the Green Party at a time when it really needs more BAME representation at its heart.

Horn and Schaefer aren’t the only candidates in the running for international coordinator. Earlier this month, Bright Green reported that Alice Hubbard and Sam Murray are also standing for the role, again as a job-share.

And today, the pair formally launched their campaign. They kicked things off by releasing a video highlighting their campaign platform. Among other things, Hubbard and Murray have pledged to improve training for members to allow them to participate more effectively in international activities, and run more events that connect Green Parties from across the world.

Their video can be watched in full here:

Wider contests

It isn’t just these GPEx roles up for election this year. In total, 11 positions will be elected this summer – including the leadership and deputy leadership posts.

Yesterday, current deputy leader Amelia Womack announced that she would be standing for a fourth term in her role. Speaking to Bright Green on her re-election campaign, Womack said that she wanted to use her platform as deputy leader to become the first Green in the newly renamed Welsh Parliament. She said:

We know the importance and power of having a Green in the room. From the Scottish Parliament to the London Assembly, from Westminster to local councils, Greens have been instrumental in changing the conversation on climate change and social justice.

But there’s never been a Green in the Welsh Parliament. As deputy leader going into next year’s Welsh Parliament elections, I want to be the first Green elected to the Senedd.

Womack joined London Green Party campaigner and current member of the Young Greens structures and procedures committee Nick Humberstone in the deputy leadership race.

As for the rest of the elections, the following candidates have announced their intentions to stand:

  • Leader or co-leaders – Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry
  • Deputy Leader – Nick Humberstone; Amelia Womack
  • Chair – Benjamin Smith & Ashley Routh; Ewan Jones
  • Campaigns Co-ordinator – Daniel Laycock
  • Elections Co-ordinator – Kai Taylor & Claire Stephenson; Joe Levy & Laure Needham
  • External Communications Co-ordinator – No candidates yet declared
  • Management Co-ordinator – No candidates yet declared
  • International Co-ordinator – Sam Murray and Alice Hubbard; Alex Horn and Erwin Schaefer
  • Policy Development Co-ordinator – No candidates yet declared
  • Publications Co-ordinator – Danny Keeling
  • Trade Union Liaison Officer – Paul Valentine & Matthew Hull; Kefentse Dennis

Nominations for GPEx positions close on June 30. Members will be voting throughout August.

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