Alexander Sallons

This summer, Green Party of England and Wales members will elect six new members of the party’s executive. With nominations closing on Wednesday 30 June, few candidates have publicly announced their intention to stand.

Among those who have is Alexander Sallons, who is in the running to be the party’s next internal communications coordinator. He announced his candidacy on June 25, committing to use the role if elected to mobilise members in a bid to elect more MPs.

Sallons is a member of Brighton & Hove Green Party and is pledging to introduce new infrastructure for party members. He has committed to introduce a mechanism to gather information on new members’ skills and to reorient the Green Party’s website to focus on organising for election campaigns. Sallons has also committed to improve the way the party’s democratic processes are communicated to the membership in order to increase turnout in internal elections.

Speaking on his decision to stand, Sallons told Bright Green:

I’m excited to be standing for this role – one that has a key responsibility in engaging our members and getting them involved in what the Green Party is doing.

As someone based in Brighton and Hove – I’ve seen first hand exactly what elected politicians can achieve and having been part of our election campaigns here, I know how critical it is that members are part of it. To me it’s really clear – if we are not winning MPs, then we’re losing to the climate crisis. So we have to get everyone involved in that effort.

To help members take part, we need to provide a variety of tools and information – in an engaging way. I believe I am the best person to do that, and I hope you’ll vote for me as your first preference candidate this summer.

The incumbent in the internal communications role – Peter Barnett – has not yet publicly confirmed whether he will be seeking re-election. When the post was last up for election, Barnett was elected as a job share with Hazel Pegg who has since resigned.

Internal communications coordinator is just one of the six positions on the executive up for election this year. The other posts being elected this summer are:

  • Policy development coordinator
  • Equality and diversity coordinator
  • Local party support coordinator
  • Publications coordinator
  • Finance coordinator

Last week, Bright Green reported that the first candidate for local party support coordinator had stepped forward. Daniel Laycock and Lyndsay McAteer are standing as a job share.

Green Party members will be balloted in these elections in August.

Alexander Sallons’ manifesto can be found in full here.

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