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Nominations for the Green Party of England and Wales leadership closed on August 17. And there are already a flurry of endorsements coming in for the main contenders.

This has given Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay’s campaign for the leadership a boost. Caroline Lucas – the Greens’ sole MP and most high profile public figure – has thrown her weight behind their leadership bid. Describing the pair as “the winning team”, Lucas declared her support on Twitter:

Lucas has also said that she’s backing their bid because of their record as elected Councillors. She said their leadership would “take the Green Party to the next level”:

Carla and Adrian have a wealth of experience as elected Green politicians and have made a big impact in Bristol and Norwich. They bring a track record as effective politicians with the strategic vision and skills necessary to take the Green Party to the next level.

The endorsement has naturally been welcomed by Denyer and Ramsay. Ramsay told Bright Green he was “flattered” by Lucas’ endorsement. He said:

We’re very flattered by the support we’re receiving – it means a lot to have the endorsement of people you respect.

Ultimately these statements say a few simple things. That our experience, our values, and our service as elected Greens leave us best placed to lead the party. We will be the duo who take the party to the next level and helps win our second Green MP.

Denyer and Ramsay have also been backed by former MEP Gina Dowding and last year’s leadership candidate Rosi Sexton.

Who’s backing the other candidates?

Denyer and Ramsay aren’t alone in having high profile supporters. Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond have picked  up significant support from both inside and outside the party.

Among those backing Womack and Omond is the author and Guardian columnist George Monbiot. He said he “would love” to see them leading the party, and argued they have “the big vision needed to shift the political response to climate and ecological breakdown.” Womack and Omond have also been endorsed by prominent Councillors including Hannah Clare – the current deputy leader of Brighton & Hove Council.

Shahrar Ali – who entered the contest on Tuesday night – appears to also have the backing from a number of people inside and outside of the party, including 2016 deputy leadership candidate Kat Boettge and the former TV writer turned militant anti-trans activist Graham Linehan.

Tina Rothery and Martin Hemingway have received support from an array of grassroots anti-fracking and environmental activists.

Ashley Gunstock – who was last to enter the race – is yet to release a list of endorsements.

As the election campaign continues, more high profile members are expected to announce who they will be supporting. Members will vote in the leadership election between September 2 and September 23 – two days later than erroneously suggested in Bright Green. 

Image credit: GPEW – Creative Commons

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