Ashley Gunstock

Green Party of England and Wales leadership candidate Ashley Gunstock has issued an apology today following comments he made in an interview with Bright Green. In the interview, Gunstock implied he was best placed to lead the Green Party as he is a white, cisgender man. He has since faced criticism for comments he made on trans rights in the interview, in which he seemingly misgendered an individual.

Gunstock posted the apology on Twitter. In it, he said he accepted the criticism of his comments and apologised to those who had been offended by them.

The full text of his apology read:

As someone who has strong views against sexism, racism, misogyny and transphobia, it is unfortunate that my honest intentions during this Green Party leader election campaign have not been expressed in the ways in which I had hoped.

I truly intend to offer ways in which the party, having to operate within our patriarchal political system, might break down walls and then build bridges so that we could, as one, move forward to address the most important issue of the climate crisis together.

However, along the way it is apparent, especially via the social media responses which I have received, that I have upset and offended some people with some opinions and suggestions. There just is not enough character space for me to respond as fully as I wish.

I accept the criticism which has been sent my way that has proved to be a learning curve for me and I am thankful to those who have offered it.

In view of that, I sincerely apologise to all those I have offended and will, as always, strive to do better.

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