Tamsin Omond and Amelia Womack

Voting is about to open in the Green Party of England and Wales’ leadership election. In a last minute dash votes, candidates are releasing more detail on their campaigns.

Today, Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond launched an ‘Elections Manifesto’, setting out their plan for the party’s electoral success in the coming years. The pair, who are standing on a co-leadership ticket, say they are “uniquely positioned” to deliver increased electoral success for the party by building the party’s media profile, membership and funds.

The headline grabber is that they’re pledging to put the party on track for ten MPs by 2030. They’re also seeking to double the number of Green Councillors every four years, and get the first Greens elected to the Senedd in Wales. As part of this pledge, the pair promise to work with campaign teams across all regions of England and Wales to develop an organising strategy and support the sharing of elections best practice.

Womack and Omond also say that if elected, they will visit all target parliamentary constituencies, and at least one 2022 target local election campaign in every region and Wales, within their first 100 days as leaders. They say they will use these visits to attract media attention to campaigns, and spotlight key Councillor and candidate successes.

Putting funding of election campaigns front and centre, the pair are promising to support funding elections infrastructure wherever possible. They are also pledging to support liberation groups and local parties to increase the diversity of candidates.

Speaking on the manifesto, Omond said “now is the time to aim high” when it comes to getting Greens elected. They said:

This is a huge moment for the Green Party. We’re at a tipping point for the climate, and the public have never been more aware of the ecological crisis we’re facing.

There are people out there just waiting for a knock on their door from their local Green Party – and as co-leaders, Amelia and I will support local parties to reach every potential Green voter.

Now is the time to aim high: we want to set the party on track for ten MPs by 2030, as well as representation in the Welsh Senedd. Between us, Amelia and I have the skills, experience and passion to deliver this and I can’t wait to get stuck in, working with amazing Greens across the country to make it happen.

Womack added that she believes her experience as deputy leader means she understands how elections campaigns are fought and won. She said:

“I’ve spent seven years as deputy leader supporting local parties in election campaigns – and I know the huge amount of work that goes into winning elections.

The Greens that spend hours each week delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and co-ordinating campaigns are the absolute lifeblood of the party, and as co-leaders Tamsin and I will see our key role as supporting them.

The only other leadership contender in this year’s leadership election to put numbers on electoral success is the co-leadership ticket of Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay. They’ve said they will seek to get at least one more Green MP and 900 Councillors elected by 2025.

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