A photo of a protest outside Lloyds of London headquarters

A group of mothers staged a mass dancing protest outside insurance market Lloyd’s of London headquarters today. The campaigners have been urging the insurance market “stop jeopardising children’s futures”, and demanding it stops underwriting fossil fuel projects. The protest was organised by Mothers Rise Up and Parents for Future UK.

Today’s action came just a few weeks after a face-to-face meeting the organisers had with the chair of Lloyd’s of London.

Chryso Chellun, a mother and founding member of Mothers Rise Up said, “A few weeks ago, we met with Bruce Carnegie-Brown, looked him in the eyes and urged him to take faster action on climate for the sake of our children and children worldwide. Now we’re back and more determined than ever to use every ounce of creativity we’ve got to get this message through. Lloyd’s is a corporate goliath but is nothing compared to the unstoppable force of a mother’s love for her kids. We will not give up until Lloyd’s drops its insurance of deadly fossil fuels.”

The campaigners say that today’s dancing demonstration took inspiration from the ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ scene from the film Mary Poppins. In the scene, the work obsessed dad – George Banks – has an epiphany and realises that his children are all that really matters.

The mothers say they hope their action will inspire Lloyd’s of London chair, Bruce Carnegie-Brown, and CEO, John Neal, to “have their own epiphany and take more ambitious climate action for the sake of all children”.

Lloyd’s of London is composed of many underwriters and insurance companies, which collectively insure around 40 per cent of the global energy market. Campaigners claim that Lloyd’s of London insures projects that no one else will, including the most controversial fossil fuel projects.

Lloyds of London has refused to rule out insuring major fossil fuel infrastructure projects including the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and the Trans Mountain Pipeline in Canada.

Today’s action was performed by a team of professional dancers alongside families and children. It was choreographed by a leading choreographer Denni Sayers and theatre director Phoebe Barran, who are also mothers. Sayers, said, “Like many mothers, I am concerned about what climate change means for my children –  and all children around the world. This bright and colourful dance aims to draw the attention of people passing by Lloyd’s of London, to look up from their everyday busyness and begin to work towards a cleaner, brighter future for all.”

The action was held as part of the Insure Our Future campaign, which brings together 26 organisations to help to persuade insurance companies to get out of the coal, oil and gas business and support the transition to clean energy. ‘

Lloyd’s of London have been repeatedly targeted by climate campaigners. In May, activists disrupted its AGM and constructed a giant oil pipeline outside its headquarters.

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