Trans flag

Over 35,000 people have signed a petition which is calling for the government to abandon plans to force teachers to out transgender children to their parents.

This follows reports that the government is planning to issue new guidance to schools on how they should approach trans and non-binary pupils. That guidance is expected to say that if a pupil seeks to change their name or gender, the school should inform the child’s parents.

Major concerns have been raised by LGBT+ campaigners and teachers about the risks of such a policy on the wellbeing of trans and non-binary pupils. These concerns have been expressed in the petition, which reads: “For many trans and non-binary children, school is a safe space where they can escape any transphobia at home and live as their preferred gender. We are concerned about reports of new government guidance that would require schools to tell a trans or non-binary child’s parents if the child wishes to socially transition in school. This has the potential to put these children in danger of abuse at home.

“This will not only affect today’s children, but children of future generations. We need to stop this before it is too late.”

As the petition is held on the official parliamentary petitions website, if 100,000 people add their name, it could lead to a debate in the House of Commons.

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Image credit: Torbakhopper – Creative Commons