Dylan Lewis Creser and Tom Atkin with text overlaid reading: "Bright Green Exclusive"

The first candidate in this year’s elections to the Green Party of England and Wales executive (GPEx) has come forward today. Dylan Lewis-Creser and Tom Atkin have confirmed that they will be standing for the position of policy development coordinator on a job share ticket.

Vix Lowthion is currently serving as policy development coordinator. However, Bright Green understands that she will not be seeking re-election.

Announcing their candidacy, Lewis-Creser told Bright Green: “I’m running for policy development coordinator, alongside Tom, because we believe in an inclusive policy process, that includes the people our policy wants to reach and maintain the good relationship between GPEx and our policy working groups.”

Atkin added: “Alongside this, we realise our party is often viewed as being south centric. We want to challenge this as policy development co-ordinators. As I am from the North, and Dylan is from the Midlands, we want to show off policy that will not only appeal to people across the country, but make a real positive difference to their everyday lives.”

Lewis-Creser stood in last year’s executive elections as well. Then, they were a candidate for external communications coordinator, but were beaten by former MEP Molly Scott Cato. Presently, they are co-chair of the LGBTIQA+ Greens and have served on the executive of the Young Greens.

Atkin also sits on the LGBTIQA+ committee, serving as the group’s international officer.

The party’s policy development coordinator is responsible for chairing the policy development committee, overseeing the process of policy reviews and supporting the policy accreditation process – a mechanism through which motions to Green Party conference are more likely to be heard.

GPEx is one of the Green Party’s two primary governing bodies – alongside the Green Party Regional Council. GPEx has a crucial role in party governance, holding overall responsibility for the party’s finances, acting as the employer of staff and overseeing day to day operations. Alongside this, GPEx makes key political decisions, such as the appointment of the party’s spokespeople.

Members of the executive are elected for two year terms, with around half the seats up for election each year. This year the following roles are up for election:

  • Equality & diversity coordinator
  • Finance coordinator
  • Internal communications coordinator
  • Local party support coordinator
  • Policy development coordinator
  • Publications coordinator

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