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Nominations for this year’s elections to the Green Party of England and Wales Executive (GPEx) close at 12pm June 30. With less than 24 hours to go, the field of publicly announced candidates remains sparse.

Today though, Bright Green can exclusively reveal that Ria Patel and Kelsey Trevett are standing for the position of equality and diversity coordinator on a job share ticket.

Patel is currently a councillor in Croydon and also serves as the Green Party’s equalities spokesperson. Trevett, meanwhile is currently co-chair of the Young Greens – the party’s official youth and student branch – a position they have held for two years.

In announcing their candidacy, Patel and Trevett have said that if elected they intend to prioritise training on equalities issues for members elected to internal positions or to public office, bringing the views of the party’s liberation groups to GPEx and ensuring the party pushes its policies for liberation groups at the next general election.

Speaking to Bright Green on their candidacy, Trevett said: “The crises we face as a society, from the cost of living crisis, to the climate emergency, demonstrate the interlocking and reinforcing nature of the causes of social and environmental injustice. I’m proud that the Green Party not only recognises this, but actively champions an approach which centres traditionally marginalised communities in the fight for a fairer, Greener country.

“If elected, we will use this position to further that commitment, uplifting the voices of all liberation and special interest groups, fostering strong collaborative working, and ensuring that our commitment to intrinsically linked social and climate justice runs deeper than rhetoric.

“Having spent a year as the Equality & Diversity officer for the Young Greens, and two years as its Co-Chair, I feel that my skills combined with Ria’s phenomenal experience will enable us to undertake this role effectively, and to produce tangible outcomes in the progress of the Green Party towards meaningful diversity and inclusivity.”

Meanwhile, Patel told Bright Green: “My journey into politics began like many others’: I was fed up and angry with the social injustices I was seeing in the world. I got involved in the Green Party’s liberation groups, excited that climate justice and social justice were recognised as going hand in hand – and that you cannot have one without the other.

“Having previously been the Co-Chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens for two years, and currently the Green Party’s Equalities & Diversity spokesperson as well as a Councillor for Fairfield, Croydon, I believe my experience alongside Kelsey’s can help create a party that embeds equity and liberation into its fabric.”

The party’s equality and diversity coordinator is responsible for overseeing the party’s equalities strategy, convening the equality and diversity committee and supporting the planning and implementation of training for members. The role is currently held by Dzaier Neil and Rashid Nix, who have not yet publicly confirmed whether or not they will be seeking re-election.

GPEx is one of the Green Party’s two primary governing bodies – alongside the Green Party Regional Council. GPEx has a crucial role in party governance, holding overall responsibility for the party’s finances, acting as the employer of staff and overseeing day to day operations. Alongside this, GPEx makes key political decisions, such as the appointment of the party’s spokespeople.

Members of the executive are elected for two year terms, with around half the seats up for election each year. This year the following roles are up for election:

  • Equality & diversity coordinator
  • Finance coordinator
  • Internal communications coordinator
  • Local party support coordinator
  • Policy development coordinator
  • Publications coordinator

Earlier this week, Bright Green exclusively reported that Dylan Lewis-Creser and Tom Atkin will be standing for the position of policy development coordinator.

You can find all our coverage of the 2023 GPEx elections here.

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