Ariane Burgess in the Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Green Party has welcomed proposed legislation that it says will support rural communities and boost sustainable, regenerative farming across Scotland.

According to the Greens, the Agriculture and Rural Communities Bill will be part of the biggest changes in Scottish farm support payments since the creation of the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy in 1962.

The party’s rural affairs spokesperson, Ariane Burgess MSP, said: “This is a crucial bill that will help Scotland to become a world leader in regenerative agriculture.

“Many of our farmers, crofters and growers are already working hard producing our food while restoring nature, conserving soils and cutting climate emissions. But they need more support, and this bill will do that.

“The bill will mean that farmers can be given more support to take important steps like restoring peatland and providing more high quality and local food for people here in Scotland. These changes are not only important for our communities, but also for our planet.

“We are living through a time of huge environmental and economic change. We must ensure farmers and rural communities remain resilient and that they are supported as they adapt. This bill will be a big step on that journey.”

The bill will help farmers, growers and crofters to make a good living whilst producing high quality food and helping Scotland meet its commitments on climate change and nature restoration.

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Image credit: YouTube screengrab