I mentioned in my post yesterday the Tories’ calls for cuts to various popular initiatives in the Budget; I didn’t, of course, mean that list to be exclusive. No one has the time to list all the cuts the Conservatives want.

Another key one had the limelight today, as Scottish Tory finance spokesman Derek Brownlee repeated his call for a pay freeze on all public service employees earning over £18,000 – a policy which is also pledged nationally by George Osbourne.

It’s extraordinary that while pushing this assault on working-class people, the Tories felt confident in publishing a poster calling those same people’s attention to the effect on their bank accounts of Labour policies, namely the increase in National Insurance.

“Salary £20,000+ Labour’s enemy,” their poster barks, “Now we know the real victims of Gordon Brown’s class war,” all accompanied with a not-at-all-tasteless image of a young family silhouetted in a rifle sight.

It comes as no surprise to learn that the family in the Tories’ gunsights is just a little poorer. While inflation spikes at 2.9% in December, workers on less than 9 pounds an hour are asked to pay for recovery-killing debt repayments and a tax cut for the richest 3000 estates in the country.

Now we now the victims of Annabel Goldie’s class war:

Class war? We'll have these bloody chavs up against the wall for a start
Class war? We’ll have these bloody chavs up against the wall for a start.