James “Two Doctors” Mackenzie, Jeff “SNP Tactical Voting” Breslin and Malcolm “Malc in the Burgh” Harvey are well known faces in Scottish blogging. And now, they have launched a collaborative blog – Better Nation.

For those of you who don’t know of them, James is press officer for the Green MSPs, Jeff has recently left Scotland, and so the SNP, and joined the Green Party of England and Wales. And we are told that Malcolm is moving in the same direction. So I reckon that qualifies as a Green blog.

The name comes from the famous quote, “work as though you live in the early days of a better nation”. Which they tell us does not in fact originate with Alastair Gray, but with Dennis Leigh. Who knew?

James and Malcolm seem to be saying that they may continue posting things to their old blogs occasionally, while Jeff seems to have wound his up.

A hearty ‘welcome’ to them (though I suppose, individually, they have all been here much longer than us). We look forwards to future posts – I recommend checking them out – www.betternation.org