Women blockade Downing Street in protest at the Budget

20 women blockaded the main exits from Downing Street this morning, in an attempt to stop George Osborne delivering a Budget that would hammer women. The protestors were in place from 11.15 until 11.52, when the Chancellor’s car broke through the blockade.

Protestor Sara Ayech said:

“We are stopping George Osborne from delivering his bankers’ budget because this budget has been written for the benefit of big business and the banking sector, not for ordinary people. The banks destroyed the economy and in return received the bail out and bonuses. But the government is choosing to make everyone else pay the price through unemployment, the decimation of the Welfare State and the NHS.

“The Welfare State was fought for and won by ordinary people only 64 years ago. It’s now under attack by the coalition government and we are here to defend it and show that people will resist the injustice of these cuts.”

Close-up: Women blockade Downing Street in protest at the Budget