Robot Army

Are you a fanatical party hack? Do you believe the party you choose to vote for is perfect beyond measure, and every other party evil beyond redemption?

If you live in a constituency your party is unlikely to win, to you take no view on who your MP should be, on the grounds that elections are for secret self-expression rather than for the exertion of popular democracy? Is your life so perfect that politics to you is merely a bumper sticker, not a matter of public importance?

Do you think what the party tells you to think, say what the party tells you to say and do what the party tells you to do, as a sign of your singular loyalty?

Do you think every party other than yours is not only indefensible, but identically indefensible? If a Green supporter, do you believe there is no difference at all between Labour and the National Front? If a Tory, do you believe there are no distinguishing characteristics that would help you tell the Lib Dems and the Communist Party apart?

Are you an automaton, a robot, a deployable party resource devoid of critical faculty?

Then for god’s sake make sure you vote No tomorrow. We robots don’t want humans in charge.