Update Note – upon further listening, the specific quote ‘drink less, wear more’ was not from the Police Fed Chair, but a caller-in (both Liz and I (Adam) were confused by this). However, the Police Fed Chair did I feel perpetuate the ‘blame the victim’ culture by responding to a conversation about why women don’t feel safe at night by saying women should drink less. Regardless of this, I apologise for the false accusation over the ‘wear more’ comment, which he distanced himself from.

Liz Rawlings, the excellent president of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association and an organiser of Edinburgh’s Reclaim the Night march was told this morning by the chair of the Scottish Police Federation that the message of Reclaim the Night should be ‘drink less, wear more‘.

You can listen to the interview here from 1:20.

Reclaim the Night was launched because of police officers telling women to stay at home after dark. Clearly, it is still needed. We should have a comment piece from Liz herself later, so look out for that.