Alyson Macdonald has agreed to join the Bright Green editorial team. Alyson, who is a regular contributor to the blog, is active in feminist and tenants’ rights and anti-cuts movements.

Alyson Macdonald

Over the last year or so, Alyson has written numerous popular and thought provoking pieces for Bright Green. These have ranged from her number crunching through her gender analysis of the left wing blogosphere to, most recently, her call to arms to privately renting tenants. As a blog, we aim to provide ideas and analysis from the midst of movements for social change. And that is exactly what Alyson has done: she writes beautifully and clearly. She is an excellent analyst. Her articulation of the case for the welfare state, for example, was superb, her Vegan Feminist’s Response to PETA carefully navigated potentially complex territory whilst delivering a clear case against the film in question. But her articles come not from a lonely library, but from the thin front line. Whether through her involvement in Edinburgh Uncut or her arranging of the feminist festival Ladyfest, through her time spent organising tenants or her time in her time involved in her student union, Alyson has long been at the forefront of the fight for social change.

For those who are new to Bright Green, our current editorial team up till today has been: Peter McColl, Maggie Chapman, Gary Dunion, Alasdair Thompson and me – Adam Ramsay. Our editor in chief is Mark Ballard. We’d all like to welcome Alyson on board.