As things stand UKIP's Nigel Farage will participate in a TV debate whilst the Green's Natalie Bennett will not. Image: BBC.
As things stand UKIP’s Nigel Farage will participate in TV General Election debates but the Green’s Natalie Bennett will not. Image: BBC.

The petition demanding the major broadcasters invite the Greens onto the 2015 General Election debates has now reached over 200,000 signatures.

It hit the 200k mark this afternoon, piling further pressure on the media companies, including the BBC, to open up the televised debates to the Green Party.

The landmark means that the petition has racked up an average of 50,000 signatures per week since launching exactly four weeks ago, on the 13th October.

The petition, by Robyn Meadwell, states: “The Green Party beat the Liberal Democrats in the 2014 European Elections and is polling neck-and-neck with them in General Election opinion polls. In May 2014 more than 1.2 million people voted Green – more than 150,000 more than voted Liberal Democrat.

“Natalie Bennett has just as much a right to be on that panel as the men. Apparently it’s too “messy” to have too many candidates in a TV debate.

“By excluding a party with a female leader, we are sending a clear message to the public — politics is still an old boys club.”

The 200,000 signatures follow Caroline Lucas’ appearance on BBC Question Time last Thursday, which led to the hashtag #InviteTheGreens trending across the UK.

The BBC will come under the most heat after this news, in the wake of the BBC Trust’s decision to open up the question of the TV debates to a public consultation this week – a move welcomed by the Greens and the SNP.

Thousands have joined the Greens over the past few weeks following the broadcasters’ controversial move, with the parties’ now having a combined UK-wide membership of over 31,000.