UPDATE: On Thursday UK Green membership also overtook the Lib Dems, after gaining more than 6,000 members in just two days as we reported here.

In what appears to be the biggest Green Party membership surge since the movement’s inception, Bright Green is proud to be the first to report that membership of the Greens across the UK overtook UKIP’s on Wednesday.

Well over 2000 people joined the party on Wednesday
following anger at the Greens’ exclusion from the TV debates, and coverage of the ‘Green Surge’.

The figures come from the Green Party of England and Wales’ online membership records, which when added to the figures put together by OpenDemocracy’s Adam Ramsay put the Greens’ membership at more than UKIP’s 42,500 for the first time ever.2000

The cause of the surge appears to be the enormous coverage of the membership figures themselves, which went viral on the Guardian, Independent and Daily Mirror sites on Wednesday. The reporting claimed that Green membership across the UK could overtake UKIP’s within a week – something that has now been far surpassed.

It looks like UK Green membership could overtake even the Liberal Democrats’ over the weekend.

How this will affect the TV debates following Ofcom’s ruling earlier this week is as yet unclear, but Al Jazeera appear to be following the Guardian consortium’s lead in planning TV debates which will include the Greens.

Bright Green will cover developments on Thursday as they emerge.


2pm update: We hear that GPEW’s membership server is creaking under the strain – fingers crossed it holds up so we can overtake the Lib Dems tonight. In more trivial news, the Green Party shop is rapidly selling out of stock, apparently…

1pm update: The story has now been picked up by the Telegraph, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and the Independent. Of course, we covered it first 😉

Midday update: The Scottish Greens have just passed the 8,000 member mark! And UK-wide we’re on track to overtake the Lib Dems at around 6pm.

11am update: There are now over 43,460 UK Greens, with a current rate growth of about 100-150 an hour (in England and Wales). It’s expected that we will overtake the Lib Dems’ membership by early evening.

10am update: activists were reporting that between midnight and 9:30am, over 300 people joined GPEW, which has now passed 35,000 members. As of 9am there were 43,250 Green Party members across the UK – around 1,250 away from the Liberal Democrats.

If the current rate of membership growth continues, the Greens will overtake the Liberal Democrats membership TODAY.

8:45am update: we’re hearing that the Green Party of England and Wales’ membership system crashed last night due to such high demand.