So, here we are. Today we will see the biggest day of action yet against the cuts. The average civil servant recieves a pension of £5023. It’s no wonder public sector workers are fighting against massive cuts to this entitlement. And so it’s no wonder that 48% support them, while only 36% don’t.

This is no surprise because people support each other. They know teachers and council workers and civil servants. We don’t like our friends being screwed around. The government and media work hard to convince us that everyone is much more right wing that us, that people are apathetic about each other and that people don’t remember what solidarity is. These are, of course, myths.

But today is about more than voicing support for our friends. And it’s about so much more than pensions. It’s about the start of a summer of action against the biggest assault on ordinary people that this country has seen for decades. The government is steering our country off a cliff. It is time for those of us who actually run it to ram on the breaks.

And so it has become about a simple question. As Mr Bragg put it, which side are you on? Are you on the side of David Cameron, of Nick Clegg and of Ed Miliband – of the bankers who caused the crisis and the speculators who made a killing on it? Or are you on the side of those who are being asked to pay the price by the shock troopers of a bankrupt ideology? – Those who depend most on public services, and those who work so hard to deliver these services.

There are a bunch of things you can do to help out. I’ll be heading to David Cameron’s home town of Whitney to run a workshop for school students to help them make banners and placards before they join our local solidarity march. There may well be similar things happening in your area, and I’m sure they could do with help – try a quick google or search on Facebook.

Similarly, all across the country, there’s the UK Uncut Big Society Big Breakfast, encouraging you to show your support. You can even bring down solidari-tea to the picket lines.

…and remember, if you aren’t on strike this time, then make sure you join a union (if you aren’t already in one). There will be lots more to come.