PovertyUK Uncut activists have launched a new project, ‘Cut Austerity’, as campaigning begins for the General Election.

Bus stops in central London have been ‘subvertised’ with Cut Austerity posters, with posters challenging the ‘same old guys in ties’ who are pushing another five years of cuts and austerity

Activists from UK Uncut have taken over central London bus shelter advertisements to promote alternatives to the austerity agenda pushed by the four major parties. The posters located in Holborn, Kings Cross, and Euston called for a wave of action against the cuts: ‘They bailed out the banks with our money: One in three children in the UK live in poverty. Things don’t have to be this way!’

SandraHousing Felling from Cut Austerity said:

‘This election season we will see the same old guys in ties – Cameron, Farage, Clegg and Miliband – pushing their brutal policies which promote austerity and punish the poor, women, migrants and children for the actions of bankers and politicians.

They are slashing libraries, hospitals and children’s centres while the rich get richer and private companies profit from the sell-off of cut-back services. This is a political choice, not a necessity.

We all deserve decent homes, healthcare and welfare. It’s private companies and the rich who are scrounging off the state, not us. No matter who’s elected in May, it’s up to all of us to cut austerity.’

Bright Green wish them the best of luck