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Between 26 June and 9 July, members of the Green Party of England and Wales’ youth and student wing – the Young Greens – will vote to elect a new executive. Nominations closed on 11 June, so now the full list of candidates for the 20 member body has been announced.


Incumbent co-chairs Kelsey Trevett and Jane Baston are both seeking re-election. They were first elected in 2021 and have steered the Young Greens through the period when government Covid restrictions were wound down. Both are pitching to the left of the party, with Trevett pledging to bring a “clear ecosocialist agenda” to the Young Greens, and Baston stating that the Young Greens should “continue to be radically eco-socialist and anti-capitalist”. The co-chair election will be uncontested with Trevett and Baston the only candidates.

Green students committee co-convener

There are three candidates standing for the two available positions as Green Students Committee co-convener. First up is Jamie Payne – a co-founder of the Lancaster University Green Party Society. Payne’s platform focuses on increasing the presence of Young Greens groups on university campuses, and supporting Young Greens in elections within NUS and individual students’ unions. Bristol Young Greens chair Zac Williams is also in the running. Williams is seeking to “give a voice” to students campaigning against mistreatment at the hands of universities, private landlords and politicians. Finally, Tymoteusz Syrytczyk has pledged to engender collaboration between Young Greens university groups and provide training for student campaigners.

Elections officer

The elections officer position is also contested. Frank Adlington Stringer and Josiah Luck are standing on a job share ticket. They’re pledging to strengthen communication between election campaigners across the country and to provide training for Young Green candidates and campaigners. Meanwhile, Cam Hayward is committing to organise an ‘action day’ for every target local election candidate and to utilise Young Greens communications channels to amplify the work of elected Young Green Councillors.

Press officer

There’s only the one candidate for press officer. Gabrielle Bailey, who wants to use the role to support Young Green candidates to get elected, and for existing Councillors to get re-elected.

International officer

Two candidates have put their name forward for international officer – Alex Nettle and Benjamin Wold Birmanis. Nettle has previously served as press officer on the executive – from 2019-20, and has focussed his campaign on strengthening relations with Young Greens across the world. Birmanis is campaigning on a platform of facilitating international exchanges for Young Greens.

Equality and diversity officer

Dylan Lewis-Creser is the sole candidate for equality and diversity officer. Lewis-Creser has spent the last two years chairing the under-18s Young Greens. They are pledging to “work intersectionally” and strengthen the relationship between the Young Greens and liberation groups in the Green Party.

Activist training and political education officer

Again, there’s only one candidate for activist training and political education officer. Patrick McAllister is standing for the role. McAllister is pledging to focus the Young Greens’ training programme this year on how to win elections and how to run successful Young Greens groups.

Disability group officer

The election for the disability group officer is contested – with two candidates standing for the role. Jason Johnson has said they wish to “speak up for [members] of the Green Party who have disabilities”. Similarly, Jack Michael Ellis Blomfield has committed to “represent the concerns and grievances of my fellow members of the blue badge brigade”.

LGBTIQA+ officer

Another contested race is that for LGBTIQA+ Young Greens officer. Matt Rogan is standing for the position on a platform of taking a firmer stand against transphobia, encouraging more LGBTIQA+ voices in the party, and providing resources for LGBTIQA+ members and campaigns. Also standing is Lucy Pegg, a city councillor in Oxford. She has pledged to “ensure that Young Green campaigns reflect the needs and concerns of LGBTIQA+ members”.

Womxn officer

Natalia Kubica is the only candidate standing for Young Greens womxn officer. She’s currently on the Green Party Women committee and says that in standing for Young Greens womxn officer, she hopes to “scale up that work”.

Under 18s officer

And finally, Finn White is standing for under 18s officer. They have pledged to “stand up against discrimination in all its forms”, to “campaign on the most important issues for under 18s Greens”, and “act as a strong voice for under 18 members within the Young Greens and wider Green Party”.

Roles without candidates

A total of seven positions on the executive have not yet had anyone come forward. These positions are: treasurer, digital communications officer, campaigns officer, events officer, Young Greens of colour officer, trans officer and women of colour officer. Nominations for these positions will be automatically re-opened.

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