Alastair Binne Lubbock and Laura Ecott with text overlaid reading "Bright Green Exclusive"

Nominations have now closed for this year’s elections to the Green Party of England and Wales executive (GPEx). We won’t get the full list of candidates until early next week, but we are getting a trickle of people announcing they’re in the running.

Today, Bright Green can exclusively reveal that Alastair Binnie-Lubbock and Laura Eccott will be standing for the internal communications position on a job share ticket. The post is currently held by Georgie Oatley and Nannette Youssef, who Bright Green understands are not standing for re-election.

Binnie-Lubbock is councillor in Hackney and has recently worked as head of content for a global animal charity. He is currently a digital campaigner for an organisation that promotes the use of citizens’ assemblies, and previously worked for the Green Party in the fundraising team.

Meanwhile, Eccott has been a press officer and coordinator for her local Green Party, and currently serves on the Green Party Women committee.

Speaking on their decision to stand, Eccott told Bright Green: “As a lone parent raising a disabled daughter, I bring a perspective that’s often missing from the higher levels of politics and I know how important it is for people and parties to get to the point. I’ve previously worked in the NHS as a Mental Health Nurse which taught me about effective teamwork, communicating the evidence rationale for decisions, and how to implement a duty of care.

“As a job share Alastair and I will work to implement and enhance the internal communications strategy, improving channels between and within all parts of the party, including GPEx, the staff team, the regional teams and crucially the membership. We will take our shared responsibility to address all challenges that arise incredibly seriously, so the party can thrive and work as a unified democratic force with clear, concise and effective messaging.

“We hope the membership will trust us to proactively communicate the work of GPEx, contribute to the party’s Development and Campaigns committees as well as working with the Electoral Returning Officer to promote engagement with internal party democracy.

“We are also keen to make sure the party continues to work hard to be as inclusive and inspiring as possible as it grows and gets more Greens elected who will enact vital policies to protect and nurture all inhabitants of our one planet.”

Binnie Lubbock says he has a “unique insight” into the Green Party’s approach to communications. He told Bright Green: “I have a unique insight into the Green Party of England and Wales’ internal communications, having worked in the events and fundraising team as a member of staff and trade unionist. I’ve been an active local party member for nearly a decade and last year I was elected as a councillor in the London borough of Hackney. Since then I have along with my colleague Zoë Garbett, passed motions in support of fair votes, striking workers, the Climate and Ecology Bill and trans rights.

“As well as a councillor I’m a passionate animal advocate as well as a campaigner for democratic reform and I helped found Adblock Hackney, part of the Adfree Cities Network. I’ve created fundraising appeals, social media campaigns, run events and set up national and local phone banks. I want to engage more members in the party’s strategy, so they can understand how best to support and participate in its success at all levels.

“We bring a combined breadth of experience, skills, passions (we both love trees, sci-fi and cats) and perspectives that we are confident will help support the work of the staff team and bring members closer to the heart of our increasingly successful party.”

The internal communications coordinator is responsible for supporting the party’s membership team, overseeing the internal communications strategy and participating in both the development and campaigns committees.

GPEx is one of the Green Party’s two primary governing bodies – alongside the Green Party Regional Council. GPEx has a crucial role in party governance, holding overall responsibility for the party’s finances, acting as the employer of staff and overseeing day to day operations. Alongside this, GPEx makes key political decisions, such as the appointment of the party’s spokespeople.

Members of the executive are elected for two year terms, with around half the seats up for election each year. This year the following roles are up for election:

  • Equality & diversity coordinator
  • Finance coordinator
  • Internal communications coordinator
  • Local party support coordinator
  • Policy development coordinator
  • Publications coordinator

Two other candidates have confirmed they are in the running in this year’s GPEx elections. Dylan Lewis-Creser and Tom Atkin will be standing for the position of policy development coordinator, and Kelsey Trevett and Ria Patel will be standing for equality and diversity coordinator.

You can find all our coverage of the 2023 GPEx elections here.

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