Sian Berry London

The Green Party has announced that Sian Berry will be its candidate in the race for London Mayor and its top candidate for the London Assembly.

The top three candidates for the London Assembly will be Sian Berry, Caroline Russell and Jonathan Bartley, in that order.

London Assembly members are elected on a list system, which means the higher up the list you are, the more likely you are to be elected. In the last election, the Green Party had two assembly members elected out of a total of 25.

The candidates for both the Mayor and the Assembly were chosen through a vote of the party’s 11,500 members in London.

The six candidates for the Mayoral selection were Caroline Russell, Sian Berry, Rashid Nix, Benali Hamdache, Jonathan Bartley and Tom Chance.  With a turnout of 1,890, their vote count was as follows:

  • Berry 49.9%
  • Bartley 13.6%
  • Russell 13.3%
  • Nix 10.8%
  • Chance 8.4%
  • Hamdache 3.8%
  • RON 0.2%

After the top three London Assembly candidates, the results were, in order: Noel Lynch, Shahrar Ali, Rashid Nix, Tom Chance, Benali Hamdache, Dee Searle, Andrea Carey and Rose Mary Warrington.